AUTHOR:  Liza James- Author’s Website HERE

IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? Yes. It’s a stand alone novel.

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Abuse, F/F, Non-Consent



PAGES:  466









This wasn’t the life I was meant to live.

No, I should be working on solidifying my ladder of ascension.

No matter what the cost or what I had to give up.

No matter what they made me do.

Their little wildflower, that’s who I am. Quiet, meek, gullible.

Until I met the one person who changed all of it and became something more.

She’s my filthiest secret.

And one I intend on taking to the grave.



Another night at the club I work at—Pandora’s Box.

Another dance, another tease, another round of shots and callously thrown dollar bills.

Until her.

Until the energy shifted and one moment became the only thing that mattered.

Because she changed everything, claiming my attention and making it hers.

My dangerous little mistake, my favorite enticing regret.

My Vibe Girl.


Trigger Warning: This book confronts several issues that could be potential triggers. It also contains sexual scenes written in explicit details. It is incredibly dark, please be aware when stepping into this world.

Right…well…this one came out of nowhere and carved my heart out of my chest.

With a spoon.


And then made me beg for more.

I have read a lot of books with similar storylines and as much as I’ve enjoyed them, they didn’t make me feel the way this one did.

I felt such intense emotions that I had to put the book down once or twice to detach myself from it.

Now you might be thinking that it’s because of how dark or violent it is – but it’s not. 

Well, it is dark and has some seriously violent and disturbing scenes (which I loved) but it was because I felt such rage!

Such uncontrollable fury.

It ripped feelings from me that I thought were well buried and wounds that I thought were healed.

As you may know, I really don’t trigger easily but this one got under my skin and in my head so well that I had to take calming breaths…and yeah, it seems like I may have some issues from the past that I still have to address. *sighs and adds another item to the ‘Sort Your Shit Out’ list.


Aura’s story is not an easy one to read.

She was raised in a cult by some seriously fucked up people who believe their way is the only way.

Their beliefs are the truth.

They also believe that sexually ‘training’ little girls is okay.

We’re talking ages 8 and upward…by the man her mum is now with.

Showing her how to please him…and also receiving pleasure in return.

And mum was totally on board! *lip curls with disgust*

As she came of age she has to undergo her initiation and what happened there was just…ugh, 

So now she’s in her 20s and has escaped and is trying to throw off the cloud that the cult had over her and try to forget, move on and heal.

She has a boyfriend and her best friend is always around too. 

She has a job as a photographer and life seems to be getting better…kinda.

One night she decides to try something different and they go to a strip club.

Where she meets Ruby.

Her life just got turned upside down.


Ruby is bold, brave, and feckin’ amazing.

She is fierce, proud and strong.

She gives zero fucks what you think and lives her life for her.

Because she too had demons to beat and leave behind.

Except that one of them found her and is a daily torture.

She sees Aura one night and just instantly knows the connection between them is real and it shakes her to her core.

She’s so drawn to Aura she can’t help but engage with her.

But she shouldn’t because if her ‘demon’ realises she cares about someone, he’ll fuck her up just to get to Ruby,

Damn! This girl goes through some shit!


As you know, I like to prepare you for what’s in this book. It’s not pretty. This was Aura at 13.


His hands fall lower, slipping over my bottom until he grips it tightly and pulls my hips against his erect length. He’s shown me how to touch him there, how to give a man pleasure when it’s time I marry someone of The Nation. It’ll be someone they will appoint as my head when I’m ready. He said he has to prepare me, open me fully so I’m already equipped for what I’ll have to give to the right person. He takes my hand and brings it in between us, pressing it against him so that I know what he wants. I grip him through his white slacks, dragging my hand up and down his length even though we’re surrounded by the entire Nation. I don’t care though, I don’t care about much of anything in this moment because I’m so happy. My mother says that it’s okay for her and me to share him. That we were especially given to him by the Omega as gifts for his perseverance and dedication to the faith. 


“You’re so fucking wet, Aura. God, I want to taste you. Sink my fucking tongue inside your wet cunt. Are you going to come for me when I fuck you?” Just as she says the words, she slips my own fingers inside of me, shoving my own hand so deeply that I cry out in both surprised pain and pleasure, but her other hand is quickly covering my mouth, muffling my moans as she continues fucking me with my own fingers. “Quiet, Vibe Girl. Or your sweet boyfriend will come out here and find you coming against my touch.” Her lips land on my neck again, kissing and then sucking, biting and then grazing the tip of her tongue against my skin. It’s so fucking hot, so erotic to have her controlling my movements, tempting and fucking me in a way that somehow makes this more okay than it should be. It’s definitely not right, it isn’t. But my mind can somehow masque this into me getting myself off, and Ruby just happening to be in the same room. Controlling every action. Speaking filthy words. Stifling my achy cries. Suddenly, she pulls my hand away from me and out of my waistband, releasing her hold on both of my hands. She grips the edges of my shorts and yanks them down my legs quicker than I can protest, until I’m completely bare from the waist down with my shirt still tucked up above my breasts. She pulls my hands up and over my head, pinning them up while her lips fall to my ear again. “Spread those fucking legs for me, baby.” My chest rises and falls in heavy waves, but I do as she says, forcing my legs apart as she watches from behind me. “God, see how fucking wet you are?” she says again while she rolls her pussy against my ass and grinds against me. “That’s mine, Aura. Everything you’re feeling right now, every spark of fire that’s licking against your skin. Every moan you make, that orgasm that’s cresting inside of you. It’s all mine, don’t fucking forget that I’m the one who’s making you feel this.” This time, she keeps a hold of my wrists with one hand, and then drops her other to brush against my core. Her hand, her fingers, slipping through my pussy and coating my clit in my own cum. I roll my hips forward while she slips her hand down, simultaneously pushing two fingers inside of me at the same time. I gasp as she stretches me, knuckle by fucking knuckle until she picks up the pace and I instinctually move to shut my legs. “Don’t fucking do it. Or I’ll yell for Hawk and force him to watch while I give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had— with my fucking hand.” 


What an amazing book! It had me vibrating with anger at the mind games and manipulation but also had me wet AF from the hot sex!

5 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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