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IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? It’s a standalone 🙂

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Abuse, Non/Dub Consent, Abduxtion, Mindfuck, Splatterpunk, Virgin Hero/Heroine, BDSM


SERIES: Standalone

PAGES:  209





I’ve seen too much death and pain for the short twenty-one years I’ve been alive. Any memories of my early years have been snuffed out by the depravity of the last almost two decades, and here I stand at the end of it all with nothing left.

Coming to hell was an accident, at least in my case. Most people who end up here are brought here for Her. Then again, most people who end up here didn’t last nearly as long as I have.

Here I am though at the end of it all and honestly? I envy the dead, for they remember nothing.

They Call Me Teddy’, a dark, enemies to lovers romance featuring young Branson and Amelia, two youths who are taken in and raised by a psychopath artist with a penchant for creating art with human flesh.

This is an erotic horror love story, not a romance. You will find depravity, abuse and death within these pages and this is not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

First of all, can I just say that I LOVE when books give you a serious **WARNING** before you start reading?

I feel that unless there is a warning, it’s not getting added to the TBR because chances are it won’t be dark enough, right?

Where are my tribe at?  *fist bump*

Anyway, on that note, Ella Burns blew me away with this book and I am equal parts in love with and hate her at the moment.

Read the book and you’ll understand why.

So, yeah there’s a warning at the beginning of the book and I suggest you take heed.

If that doesn’t bother you then follow me into the dark and disturbed mind of Teddy & Co!


I loved Branson!

The poor wee lad was kidnapped when he was a very wee boy by an extremely…ill woman.

Jill brought him home with thoughts of raising a protege of sorts but was disappointed fairly quickly when she realised that Branson didn’t exactly love her art.

And by her ‘art’ I mean the mutilated corpses of the people she has kidnapped and tortured in order to make her disturbing gallery.

Branson tried so hard to be what Jill wanted him to be but it just wasn’t in him and so he was treated horrifically. 

From the age of six, he has been chained, beaten, caged, starved, pretty much everything you can think of and it leaves him wishing that he was one of her art projects so that the torture would end.

Then Jill brings home a wee girl (attempt number two at a protege) and there is a wee spark of hope and joy in his life…for a while anyway.

Their story is so very intense and complicated and I was pulled in different directions all throughout the book.

Just when I thought I had him and Teddy all figured out I was proved wrong and there was a major shift in dynamics and O…M…G! I need my very own psychotic couple to play with!


It’s funny how some authors can have you absolutely besotted with a character and make you forgive anything they do, even when it’s so wrong!

Amelia was also ‘adopted’ and brought back to the studio by Jill to observe, appreciate and hopefully learn her art process.

Unlike Branson though, she has already – at such a young age – got a taste for rather fucked up and diabolical acts.

Amelia seems to be fascinated by what she sees, not at all disturbed like I was when young. As much as this small girl exudes innocence, I know there is a darkness hiding beneath those big eyes. Where darkness was brought into my life, I think Amelia brought it with her.

She lacks empathy and is not sickened at all by what she sees.

Obviously, Jill is overjoyed at this development.

However, she sees that Amelia and Branson have a strong connection from the get-go and the bond just keeps growing as they get older.

Not liking this at all Jill takes Amelia away for a couple of years and by doing that she basically molds her into a mini-me.

When they come back there are a few…changes. 

And although it was Amelia who left, it’s Teddy that comes back.

This is when shit gets real and I was panting and searching for extra batteries, ye ken?



Bring a towel. Enough said?

Once again he comes over, lightly caressing my tender cheeks with his hand. “Very good girl,” he whispers again, a finger reaching into the fabric of my panties. My breath catches as his touch trails down, cupping my warmth in his hands. I let out a hum of pleasure and hear his own intake of breath. “So wet for me,” he mutters, “You liked that, didn’t you, little doll?” “Yes,” I moan, pressing my pussy into his hand. One of his fingers snakes out, creeping in until he presses it lightly into my waiting depths. I groan as he pushes in, relishing the sound of his breathing quicken. “Hardly a punishment if you liked it,” he mutters, but doesn’t stop. “I want to see you, touch you,” I plead, holding out my wrists in front of me. He continues the slow and steady movements of his finger, enough to feel incredible but not enough to push me over the edge. “Not yet,” he says, leaning down to nip at my ear. I turn my head and twist my body to stand, but his free hand finds the small of my back, pressing me back down. I turn my head to hiss in his direction just as he slips another finger in and the sound changes to a moan. Without my sight, being unable to move, every touch is heightened tenfold and my skin feels alive where he touches it. My hips move in time with him, pushing back and aching for more. “Please,” I beg as I press against him, feeling myself flutter when he hits a certain spot. “Ooooh….” “Not yet, Little Doll,” he says, his voice quiet but raspy. When he pulls his hand away a moment later, I let out a whimper. My body is aching for his touch, thighs clenching together, eager for friction. I feel cold without him touching me, and my head moves around searching for him, though I don’t move from where he placed me. I imagine I can feel his eyes on me. It feels like it takes forever, but really is probably only a few seconds, until I feel his hands come to my waist, gently pulling down my underwear. “Your skin is so warm,” he murmurs, and I feel his breath against my thigh, his hands caressing my ass and down my leg as he pulls down the panties. Lips press down on my thigh and I lean into him, humming lightly in pleasure. “I shouldn’t make this good for you,” he whispers as he shifts behind me. His hot length presses against the crease of my ass and I lean my head back, pushing into him. “I should make this hurt, because you fucking deserve it.” His rough hands grip my waist and I shift my legs more open, eager to feel him. “Somehow, though, I can’t help myself.” He slides into me without warning and I cry out as a sharp pain strikes deep inside even as I marvel at the fullness. “Holy shit,” he whispers as he stills inside me to the hilt. The pain fades quickly and slowly he begins to move. I don’t hold back another moan. I feel so full and perfect, every motion rubbing against something delicious that sends sparks through my body. Without my hands free, all I can do is try to stay upright as he picks up speed, my legs planted in place. I feel myself begin to tense around him, the feeling of him pushing me over that edge. “Branson!” I cry out as he hits that perfect spot once more and I shatter. I’m vaguely aware of the guttural shout behind me as he thrusts deeply, my own orgasm pushing him over the edge. My entire body feels on fire, my skin sensitive to every moment and touch. Even the feeling of his breath on my back sends shivers down my spine.

Final Thoughts on THEY CALL ME TEDDY by Ella Burns

I loved, loved, loved, loved this book! The characters were so well written I felt like I was watching rather than reading them. It was deliciously dark and just the perfect amount of gore and violence coupled with heart and passion!

5 (hundred) stars

5 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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