AUTHOR:  Abbi Cook – Author’s Website HERE

IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? Yes. It’s two books in one.

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Abuse, Arranged Marriage, Suspense



PAGES:  538








The Sins Duet, a new dark romance with a thriller twist! Contains the books Covet and Corrupt.


A dangerous man obsessed…


I want to possess Natalie from the moment I lay eyes on her. Trusting and sweet, she has no idea what I can do to her.


What I will do to her.


An innocent woman caught in a web of lies…


He’s beautiful and vicious like nothing I’ve ever seen. Alexei terrifies me and takes my breath away.


Yet I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even as I sense the danger in him.


Nothing is what it seems…


A hit man who never fails at his job. A woman afraid she’s losing her mind. The secret that shocks even a cold-blooded killer.


How perfect a life can look from the outside, and then with just one crack in the façade, everything changes.

Publisher’s Note: The Sins Duet contains themes which may be disturbing to some readers, including infidelity.

This was a very well written book. It started fairly tame and easy going. But the more I read the deeper my sense of dread became.

It dealt with so many dark issues and the further in you get the more horrified you become.

If any of the following upset you then I suggest you don’t read this book: Child abuse, infidelety, non-consent, domestic abuse.

Now, for the rest of us lets begin, lol.


This woman has lead such a sheltered life that she truly is a shadow of a person. 

She’s 26 years old, married to a man at least 15 years older than her and has been since she was 18. She has no friends at all and was homeschooled most of her life.

Her mother was insanely strict and controlling all of her (and her 3 sisters’) life.

And it was all about appearances, weight, beauty and striving for perfection.

Also training her to become the ‘perfect wife’ for any future husband.

It was an immense amount of pressure to put on a wee lass, almost straight from the cradle and to be honest the whole thing just pissed me off royally.

I hate this mother…like blood boiling hate.

Natalie is attacked one day and knocked unconscious and ever since that day she’s having huge gaps in her memory. She can barely remember her childhood and has no idea how she met her husband but doesn’t want to say anything in case they think she’s crazy.

Every now and then though she has these waking dreams with a completely different scene playing out from the little she does remember about her life.

She’s the kind of woman who has never, not even once, disagreed or spoken out of turn with her mother or husband.

They both control her life with an iron fist and I have to be honest…it got to me.

I was angry! I wanted to jump into the pages and shake her. Scream at her to answer back, stand up for herself!


I liked him. Right from the start he was a much more believable character than a lot of these alpha males.

He’s all kinds of dark and twisted and knows that Natalie is way too innocent for a man with his particular desires and lifestyle but he just can’t leave her be.

He’s a killer without any conscience and a heart of stone…until her.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment I laid eyes on you, little bird. Ready to go again?”Shyly, she admits what I already know. “I’m not sure. I’ve never done that before, and I’ve definitely never done two types of sex in one day.”Jesus fucking Christ when this woman says things like that I just want to wreck her. I want to fuck her so well that she can’t walk after I’m done and that jackass of a husband will know another man has finally screwed his wife the way she deserves.

There is an amazing mystery storyline here as well and as Alexei starts looking into her life and that of her husband no one is prepared for the discoveries.

Just…wow. (yup, I’m angry all over again, lol)


Now, this book was more about the emotions and experiences they shared together than the actual sex. And being the utterly sex crazed person I am, I found that I wanted more indepth sex scenes with more detail and nasty dirty content. I need all the details, damn it! (don’t even pretend you are any different! I know you!)

Holy fuck. She’s never done this before. When she tilts her head back to look up at me, I can’t imagine her ever looking more beautiful than at this moment when her mouth is mere inches from my cock. Her eyes wide and more innocent than I think I can deal with, she says, “I asked Pilar how to do this at the country club the other day. She said to make sure I watch my teeth, unless you’re a man who likes teeth. Are you a man who likes to feel teeth during it?” Jesus, I might come just from the feel of her hand lightly holding my cock and her asking me that question. No woman I’ve been with in my entire life has ever asked me that. “No, but don’t worry. It won’t matter.” Uncertainty clouds her expression. “No?” Reaching down, I caress her cheek as I shake my head. “Trust me. No.” I can barely stand the anticipation as I wait for her take me into her mouth, but unlike with other women, I don’t grab her head and push her down on my cock. I don’t want to frighten her. But fuck, it’s like asking a tiger to change his goddamned stripes. The first touch of her mouth sends a rush of need through me that feels like a freight train tearing through my veins. She moves tentatively, wrapping her lips around the head so softly, and all I want to do is ram my cock all the way to the back of her throat. Her hand grips the base, but even that’s far too fucking light. Slowly, her mouth slides down my shaft a few inches, and then she backs off. This is dangerous for her because another couple seconds of this and I’m going to be fucking her face. I’m already struggling to stop my hips from thrusting forward to bury every last inch inside her. I stuff my hand into her hair and tighten my hold. She whimpers against my cock, only making things worse. If I can control myself long enough to just get her at a good pace, I won’t scare the hell out of her on her first blowjob. “Tighten your hand, little bird,” I groan out as I gently push her head down just a little further. She does as I order, and I add, “Now move up and down just as tight.” Obedient as she naturally always is, Natalie begins to jerk me off while my hand on her head eases her mouth down to meet her hand. She’s naïve as to how to really do this, but it doesn’t matter. 

Final thoughts on THE SINS DUET by Abbi Cook

This is an intensely passionate and heartbreaking story that kinda makes you feel like you wanna jump into the book, shake the heroine and deal with these assholes yourself.

It really was well written. The only issue I had with it was that it took such a long time to get through her sadness and weakness to the action. I spent a lot of time annoyed with her for not at least trying to stand up to people but with the way she was raised you can’t be surprised by it.

4 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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