IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? Yes! There are 4 books and they’re all out!

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Potential Triggers, Bisexual, Dubious Consent, SciFi, BDSM, Kitty Play, Enemies to Lovers


SERIES: PLANETS APART, Book 3 – Can Be Read As A Standalone.

PAGES:  135







Convicted of embezzlement and facing prison planet exile, Katherine Beck must choose where to serve her sentence. While most destinations within the Allied World are less than hospitable, on Seirios she will enjoy the life of a pampered pet while she’s paying her debt to society. But upon her arrival she’s shocked to discover that she now belongs not to one new owner, but two.

And she’s not the only pet in the Martin household.

Falsely accused and wrongly convicted, Brutus has learned to enjoy his life as guard dog and plaything for the Martins. He finds it so pleasurable, in fact, that he chose to stay even after his innocence was proven. When his masters decide to adopt a new pet for the entire house to share, Brutus is looking forward to enjoying a sweet kitty girl too… but he has no idea his past is about to collide with his present.

This was the first book I’ve read by Sinistre Ange (aka Golden Angel) and I found it pretty good. I love the whole animal play kink and it had been a while since I read one.

The only downside for me was that I like dark along with my taboo and this one was fairly light-hearted.

Well, it was to me anyway, but my dark-o-meter may be a little warped, lol!


So Katherine has been a naughty girl, lol.

She’s convicted of embezzlement and as punishment, she is shipped off to another planet to serve her time.

Each planet has a different style of punishment/lifestyle but luckily for her, she gets to choose which one she goes to!

Deciding that living as a ‘pampered pet’ seems to be the lesser of four evils she opts for Seirios and off she’s shipped.

However, she didn’t realize just how much of an undertaking that would be so when she wakes aboard the ship after who knows how long, she has an utter freak out when she realizes that not only does she have paws and fur…she also has a tail and functioning cat ears, hahaha!

At this point, I gotta be honest…I was totally imagining how cute she’d be and wondering whether it would be possible in today’s world…but that’s another blog post entirely!

Anyway, shit goes downhill from there when she finds out that her rights are pretty much completely gone and she also can only meow when she tries to speak thanks to the fancy mask they have fitted on her. 

Not only that but she has two new owners and another ‘pet’ she has to submit to.

Katherine becomes Kitty and she is thoroughly put in her place and is disgusted with herself when she doesn’t hate the spanking punishments handed out.


I liked Brutus. He’s a big old hound dog, lol, literally!

He’s been the pet of Mr and Mrs Martin for a while already having been sent there for his own crimes.

When he’s told that his masters are getting a new ‘Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty’ (this is what my husband used to call Smudgie when he was a kitten, lol) he’s super excited.

A new friend and bed partner.

However poor Brutus was not prepared for the shock to the system that is Kitty and things between them are strained to say the least.

His thoughts on Kitty: 

And Miss Beck reminded him very much of a cat. Haughty, completely without remorse for her crime, and not entirely friendly.

Poor Brutus. All I can say is that he makes me think of a big teddy bear.

Now, I’ll be honest (again) I, personally, was not attracted to him at all, even during the sexy times. 

He was a little too submissive for me but I still liked the character.

Mr Martin though? Oh yeah, I was all over that man like a fly on shit…or something sexier…yeah, pretend I said something smooth and sexy there, okay?



I really didn’t like Mrs Martin and I can’t put my finger on why exactly. I had this issue in another book lately and I think it’s because she’s bossy and not near submissive enough for me, hahaha! 

Apparently, I don’t like the competition, even when it’s fictional and I’m not in the book.

Mmhmm, I just don’t play well with others it would seem.

I kinda feel like they’re low key deluded sociopaths and not in an enjoyable way…just sayin’.

Mr Martin can spank me any day though, sociopath or not 🙂 


“Be a good Kitty and lick your Mistress until she comes,” Dominic ordered with a hint of heavy warning, an implied ‘or else’ at the end of his sentence. Smiling, Janessa laid back, her legs draped over Kitty’s shoulders, one hand between the pet’s twitching ears, and moved her hips up and down, spreading her cream over the lower half of the humiliated woman’s face. She could feel the hot sighs and hesitation, then finally, a tongue flicking out to taste her before it quickly darted away. “I don’t think she’s trying hard enough, Dominic,” Janessa said mildly. “Perhaps you can encourage her.”

Frantic at the thought of more punishment, Kitty immediately licked her mistress’ wet pussy. It was sweet and just a bit salty, like peaches with a sprinkle of salt atop them. Her own lower half was throbbing, the sting from where Dominic had spanked her atop her welts sharply painful and tingling. She mewled into Janessa’s pussy as she felt a tugging on her tail. There was a little popping sensation, the widest part of the bulb exiting her tightly clenched ring of muscles, then the feeling of relief as her hole was emptied. It only remained so for a moment, though. Kitty cried out in pain and shock as Dominic deflowered that little hole with absolutely no ceremony whatsoever, shoving his cock in hard and deep, filling her with his cock far more completely than the plug had. The sharp cramping pain of insertion had her bucking upward, but Janessa’s hold on her hair was too firm, and Dominic pushed down right between her shoulder blades, holding her in place. The heated red cheeks of her ass were so sensitive, the wiry hairs of his groin felt like sandpaper when he came to rest against the unhappy globes. Kitty whimpered, more tears sliding down her cheeks, adding more salt to the flavor of Janessa’s pussy. The musky scent filled her nose, and she found herself licking frantically as though she could distract herself from the pain of having a cock in her ass if she licked hard enough. “Fuck, she’s so tight,” Dominic groaned, flexing slightly. Kitty shuddered, whimpering. She wanted to yell at him that she’d never had a cock back there, but she already knew he didn’t care. Even though the mask was off, she didn’t know if she was allowed to talk. She could not take more punishment, she couldn’t. The hand on her back kept her firmly in place, his cock dragging halfway out of her aching hole, then shoving back in hard.

Final Thoughts on HIS PRETTY KITTY by Sinistre Ange

This one is definitely more dirty & greyish than dark, in my opinion, but if you’re looking for a book with animal play and dubious consent but not particularly dark, then this one’s for you!

It was well written and had a nice wee twist in there too.

3.5 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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