AUTHOR:  Emma Creed- Author’s Website HERE


GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Virgin Heroine, Cruel Male, Abduction, Billionaire, Dubious Consent


SERIES: Stand Alone

PAGES:  262







I was forced to steal from Cannonville’s
most notorious, twisted billionaire
and he caught me.

Ethan Shaw has secrets,
He’s dangerous.
Now I’m bound to a contract I never signed.
Now, I’m his property.
He wants me to be his plaything,
His toy.
His Captive.

And he’ll never, ever let me leave…

Wow! This is Emma Creed’s first published book and that fact really shocked me.

But I guess when you have the skill, ya have it, right?

This had a Beauty and the Beast vibe to it and I gotta say I really enjoyed it.


Lysetta is a very sheltered young lady (just started college) and the book starts out with her at her father’s funeral.

The fact that he was the last person in the world that cared for her really made me feel sad for her (thank you hormones!) but the icing on the cake is when a mysterious stranger offers he a lift home from the service only to let her know that her father had borrowed money from him…and she was now responsible for paying the thousands back.

So, in order to pay him back she goes on a ‘job’ with a bunch of other unfortunates to steal from Ivan’s rival – Ethan.

However things go a bit pear shaped and she ends up his captive and from that point on, things get a little twisted…and hot…and wet…and dirty…sorry, got carried away there.

My only issue with Lysetta was that she was a little too compliant at times and that made me irritated with her.

Like, “Where’s your backbone, girl?”. She took whatever he doled out pretty much without much of a complaint.

I want to please him, and a thought even more disturbing occurs to me as the time continues to tick past. That if I run, there’s a small chance that I might actually get away. That I’d never see him again. And never experience what a man like Ethan Shaw is capable of doing to a girl like me… He scares me, but he also makes me feel. I can’t remember the last time I felt anything.

But overall I liked her.


This is one dirty, dirty boy. And he likes to play games, lol.

Naughty games!

He likes to be in control. Always. 

However, completely unwittingly ,Lysetta fucks with his mind, heart and body with her innocence and pure heart.

She’s so innocent that he can barely restrain himself at some of the things she says and does. 

Oh, and apparently he has an “angry cock”, lol!

There is no chance of it ever fitting inside me, not a single shred of hope. It’s far too long, not to mention incredibly thick, and just like its master looks intimidatingly angry.

He doesn’t trust her though because she was kinda sent to him by his nemesis and although his plan was to use her like a toy and then dispose of her, she starts to bring down the walls he’s erected to keep him from feeling, one by one.

The thing is, there’s way more to Ethan that it first seems and his back story had such a twist and was utterly heartbreaking.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love books with a virgin heroine!

My cock falls heavily against her back when I pull down the front of my sweatpants. I let it graze the base of her spine, before taking it in my hand and guiding it through the crease of her ass. She tenses up when it skims over her asshole. “Don’t worry, little one, not tonight. But, I do intend to own you entirely,” I warn, and she soon relaxes again. Digging my fingers into her thighs, I spread them apart, then bend my knees, so my cock meets with her entrance. “Ask me,” I snarl, the tip of my cock already dripping. “Ask you what?” she asks with a wicked innocence that provokes my dick even more. “Ask me to fuck you,” I whisper, letting my cock slide forward, teasing between her pussy lips. “Ask me to take you, and to fucking own you, Lysa.” Her eyes close, and for a shattering second, I think she might refuse me. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a fucking rapist. “Okay,” she says, her head nodding bravely. “Not good enough,” I tell her. “I need to hear the words. You know my name, now fucking use it and ask me to fuck you.” Frustration strains my voice. “Ethan, please. I want you to fuck me,” she says, making sure to pronounce every single word perfectly. Placing my palms on the glass beside hers, I press my forehead into the back of her head, and while my cock lines up and hovers against her tight virgin hole, I give myself one more chance to back out. To do the sensible thing and walk away. “Please, Ethan. Own me too,” she begs, her head starting to turn. I push my head harder against the back of hers, keeping her facing forward. Those words just sealed her fate and although I sense I will be the one who feels the punishment, it doesn’t stop me slamming my hands over hers and pinning them to the glass. “It’s going to hurt, isn’t it?” Her voice shakes nervously, sounding so sweet that I think hell might open up and drag me inside it. I should kiss her, reassure her, be soft. But I can’t. And, I won’t. “Yeah, little one, it’s going to hurt,” I hiss, at the same time, pushing inside her drenched hole. I force myself through her tight channel. Hear her squeal, and her fingernails scrape at the glass, and I pause, giving her a chance to expand around me. The sensation of her unexplored muscles crushing me between them almost cause me to blow my load. But, I still have to go deeper. “I… I feel so full,” she whispers, her head falling between her arms. Her words are enough to earn her a few more inches, and straightening up my knees I push up and make sure she takes me all the way. Holding myself inside her, I watch her reaction in the window’s reflection. Her mouth open, eyes staring right back at me, icy blue and so sharp I swear they will cut right through the glass they glare through. “Mine,” I whisper into her hair, slowly easing out. She resists, seeming to try and hold me inside her and it almost fucking hurts. I’m about to thrust back inside her, but the needy little creature pushes herself back on to me. Taking me all the way again. It catches me off guard, and I moan at the impact. 

Final thoughts on HIS CAPTIVE by Emma Creed

A really good dark and dirty read. I will definitely be reading more from Emma Creed.

4 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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