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IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? Nope, there are more to come!

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Bully Romance, Reverse Harem, Mystery



PAGES:  290







Life doesn’t promise anything but existence.

Losing Cass proved that.

Everyone thinks I’m crazy.




They called me the one who never overcame the loss of her brother, the outcast, the least likely to succeed.

But what about their lies?

He jumped. He wanted to die. He killed himself.

When will they stop?

Unraveling the secrets they founded this town with seems impossible.

Detangling the bloodlines that weave the very essence of Arcadia Crest might actually kill me.

Forgetting the little details I’ve erased from my memories as a result of love could be the catalyst of my entire story.

Death brought me hatred.

Hatred drove me to them.

They touched me only in secret.

All stories end in blood, but an oath was never part of that equation.

You have no idea how much I needed this book.

I had no idea how much I needed this book!

I needed a book that was going to consume me. 

A book that was going to be on my mind when I wasn’t reading it.

A book that had the cogs of ma wee brain turning, trying to figure out what was gonny happen.

This was that book!

But be warned, it’s dark and intense as well.

I could practically feel Colton’s pain.


This girl breaks my heart.

She’s returning to her boarding school for the first time since her brother died, five months ago.

They were extremely close and it shattered her world.

What makes it worse is that she is convinced it was murder but everyone else is trying to cover that up.

Teachers, parents and friends!

She used to be sweet and innocent.

Popular and kind.

Now…well let’s just say she’s changed.

When Cass died, I went catatonic to a point where I didn’t eat, went into a coma, and had to be tube-fed

Before her world crumbled things were just getting interesting when it came to her love life.

There were four hot AF dudes that were competing for her attention.

She loved it 

She wanted them all.

They seemed to be considering sharing her, and she was all about the #WhyChoose.

I actually feel that we have a lot in common…lol!

I’ve watched enough porn to recognize pleasure. A male’s low growl makes my chest furl with lust. I think back to some of my favorite topics—men with men, dominance, breath play, knife play…I prefer the amateur clips the most. It’s more personable.

But they’re in on the cover-up…she thinks.

They disappeared when she needed them most and now they are playing games with her and being cruel.


Grrr. I have a love/hate thing going with these guys.

I hate the way they bully and tease her…but at the same time I love the way they bully and tease her, ye ken? 

There are four of them in the beginning, but hold on to yer knickers lassies, because there will be more!

God damn! These guys are hot.

They’re not your average guys though. They are the richest of the rich, everyone at this school is, and there is so much going on for each of them, it has you absolutely glued to the book.

Nothing is what it seems and no one is who they portray themselves to be.

These boys can be cruel, cold and dangerous but what else..?


Okay, so I had the hardest time trying to pick my favourite scenes for you, there were so many amazing ones!

Jordan’s mouth connecting with my clit has me groaning loudly. Lux smirks. “Since we don’t have time to tamper your slutty nature, seems we’ll need to fuck it out of you.” He saunters toward us while Jordan stays crouched between my thighs. His hands grip my lips, spreading them wide while his mouth tastes and teases. Lux towers over me, his height almost comical against mine. He pushes me backward, the back of my knees hitting the bed in the same breath. Jordan loses his grip and waits for Lux. “Condom,” he barks at Jordan. I watch as Jordan rifles through the drawers, finding a line of several. He tears two off and brings them over. Lux now hovers me, his face above my cunt, his hot breath teasing the wetness there. “Suit up, Walker.” I don’t say what I want to say. Why not you? Since we messed around, all I’ve wanted is him. To taste him, touch him, feel what would never be mine. Not watching Jordan, Lux sinks two fingers in me. “Eyes, Colt. Give me your eyes.” Our gazes connect, and the heat in his is addictive. “I’m going to let him fuck you now. Be a good slut and scream for me, okay?” I nod, and he kisses my clit before pulling his fingers out. While Jordan kneels, Lux rises, comes to the side of the bed, and pushes the same two fingers in my mouth. “Clean up your mess, little slut.” And I do, sucking them until he pulls free. Jordan harshly grips my knees, forcing my boot-clad feet on the bed, and then he’s thrusting into me. My eyes roll back as his thick cock drills inside. He’s huge, and it’s been a long ass time since I’ve had sex. “So tight, princess.” I groan as he rotates his hips, bucking into me, and my back arches. Lux comes onto the bed, suit and all, his knees on either side of my head. His palm grips my throat as he leans down. “I’m about to make a mess of you, Colton. Last chance. Use your safe word.” I can’t really speak with him holding my oxygen back, but I attempt at shaking my head. His rueful grin is enough to unnerve me. His hand unclenches around my throat, and he undoes his slacks, whipping out his cock. Fuck, it’s bigger than I remember. He spits into his palm then strokes himself above me. “I’m going to come,” Jordan hisses as his speed quickens. He grips my hips, his fingers digging into my flesh as he rams into me. My eyes close and he grunts out his release. When I open them again, Lux’s cock still stands proudly above me while he strokes with ease. “Need lube,” Lux commands so I start to move, but he stops me. “Not you.” “There was none,” Jordan bites out, zipping up his jeans. Lux growls then peers at Jordan. “Then get on your knees and suck my cock, Walker. I know you’re a fan.” Jordan says nothing, and when I look at him, the heat in his gaze doesn’t lie. Jordan stalks over as Lux adjusts. “Change of plans, Corpse. Looks like you’re riding my face.” “Thought you were going to fuck the life into me?” I taunt, disappointed that he took away my visual. He stares at me with a heated gaze. “Is that why you’re pouting? Sad you didn’t get two cocks?” I nod, hating the heat swarming me. 

Final Thoughts on HERE LIVES A CORPSE by CL Matthews

This is an absolutely amazing mystery with one of the best reverse harem plots, stories and characters I have ever read. I am desperate for the next book!

5 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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