HEAT by R Lee Smith

HEAT by R Lee Smith Book Cover

AUTHOR:  R. Lee Smith – Author’s Website HERE


SERIES: Stand Alone

PAGES: 617

GENRES: Abduction, Abuse, Dark, Erotica, Potential Triggers, Sci-Fi/Aliens, Non-Consent

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Earth. A world quarantined since its discovery by the Far-Reachers of Jota’s history. And where the fortunes of slavers and chemists have been made ever since.

It was to Earth that Kanetus E’Var, the son of Jota’s most ruthless slaver, escaped to make Vahst, a powerful drug manufactured from the human brain. And it was to Earth that Tagen Pahnee, Fourth-ranking officer of the Jotan Off-World Security Fleet, was sent to bring the criminal back to justice. Neither of them could have anticipated that at that moment, E’Var’s hunting grounds were experiencing the worst heat wave in years, triggering the Jotan breeding cycle in both males.

Home is not an option for either of them. Both are determined to find a way to work on this hostile planet, surrounded by humans, surrounded by dangers, surrounded by Heat.


HEAT by R Lee Smith

How do you know you have found an excellent author? By not being able to put the book down even after realising it is nothing like the books you normally read!

That’s what happened the first time I read a book by R. Lee Smith. I had never read any kind of alien romance before and to be honest it was not something I would ever really want to. Until I read The Last Hour Of Gann. (find it HERE)

R. Lee Smith is an amazing author. She pulls you in right from the beginning. Not that all of her stories start out with full-blown action, it’s just so well written. 

The characters come alive instantly and you can feel everything along with them.  I very rarely read books this long. 600 pages and The Last Hour Of Gann is over 1000! But it literally flew by! 

Heat is awesome. There is so much in this book to talk about I almost don’t know where to start. So, I’ll start where I usually do. With the characters!

  • RAVEN – Ok, so Raven is a pretty cute character. I liked her immediately. She is an awesome mixture of wild and free. Untamed and smart. She’s also one tough cookie.

She certainly has to keep her wits about her after Kane abducts her and, she does so admirably. He drags her along with him everywhere he goes. Killing here, fucking there… At first, she is terrified and sick with disgust but after a while…well she’s still terrified and disgusted but, there’s something else there.

KANE – What a bastard. Really. Some of the things this alien did had me twisting my wee face right up. Then again…others had me smirking just a little too. 

He is one badass mother fucker. Most definitely not to be messed with. He’s huge, highly sexed and demands respect and obedience. From the readers as well it would seem! 

He really takes no shit from anyone but strangely has his own sense of order and respect? Or maybe just right and wrong?

Throughout the story, he quite often points out all of the things he finds wrong with the human race, and I’ll be honest, I completely agreed with him. Humans suck. Sometimes, anyway.

  • TAGEN – It took me a while to warm up to Tagen and to be honest I still didn’t find him appealing, lol. Not that that means he was badly written at all. 

He is quite honestly the polar opposite of Kane. He is careful, calm, and honest. Bound by a sense of duty and code of honour. He has empathy and a clear sense of right and wrong. 

He’s just a little too straight-laced for me. Too cautious. He is…admirable. But for me? I like a ruthless bad boy, ya feel me?

He comes to Earth searching for Kane and has no idea he’s going to go into Heat. After accidentally killing a couple of humans (which he feels really bad about) he finds Daria, and the fun and games begin.

They are quite honestly hilarious together, accidentally (and sometimes on purpose) insulting each other. Learning about one another made snort at several points.

“What is that?” “My tee-vee.” “What does it do?” “It brings piping hot platefuls of complete crap right into your living room and inundates you with commercials.”

Daria seized a box of crackers and a handful of Tupperware and threw them, still screaming, peppering his face and chest with the only ammunition she could find. He stumbled back a pace, slapping at pudding cups and sandwich baggies full of cereal, and Daria raced around the cooking island, through the dining room, and back out into the hall behind him

I don’t know. My instincts say this is our boy, but it could just be a…Are you copping a feel on yourself?” Tagen eyes snapped open wide and he yanked his hand up above the table. Heat immediately poured in to fill the place his grip had been and he bent almost double, digging furrows into the tabletop to stop himself from seizing his swelling shaft again. He was caught.  (I giggle at this scene every time I read it)

  • DARIA – Daria is a bit of a recluse. Since being attacked violently six years ago she hasn’t really left the house and has quite severe anxiety and OCD it seems. So, you can imagine her distress when an Alien pops in unannounced.

She’s amusing and a bit of a spitfire when she gets going and quite honestly a “good” person. And so, is a great match for Teagan once they figure one another out a little that is.

GRENDEL – I feel that I would be doing Smudgie a great disservice if I didn’t include Grendel

Grendel is a large ginger cat with an attitude as immense as his belly and as a cat lover I am willing to bet that R. Lee Smith has a kitty of her own, just by some of the scenes in this book alone, lol. I loved Grendel!

The cat had spent its frustrations during the night shredding the privy-paper. It lay in drifts nearly ankle-deep. Tagen marked himself to give the animal a stern lecture at a later date on the subject of showing respect to public properties and those employed to clean same, but he did not trouble himself to gather up the mess. 

Grendel appeared at once, but took a moment to de-emphasize the speed at which it had arrived by rubbing its head against the doorjamb. It gazed around the room with a convincing show of indifference and uttered an inquiry.

SEX SCENES – Right. The sex scenes didn’t have the same kind of “oomph!” that most of the other books I review have. They are completely different.

They make you feel different, and that is not a bad thing. They are just as good (interesting really) but in an unusual way…I’m not explaining this very well, am I?

The scenes were sexy, passionate and extremely well written because you felt this even though they were alien dongs, ya know?

  • FINAL THOUGHTS on HEAT by R Lee Smith– 
  • I really enjoyed this book. It kept me enthralled all the way through and I had absolutely no idea how it was going to end. I didn’t even know how I wanted it to end!

I would absolutely recommend this book if you are looking for something a little off the beaten path!

5 stars.

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