AUTHOR:  Lori Aisling- Author’s Website HERE

IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? Yes. This is a standalone novel.

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Angels, Demons, Vengeance, Paranormal, Serial Killer


SERIES: Standalone novel from the Tales of the Timeless world.

PAGES:  289








“My life was planned to the last bloody detail. Then everything changed. I went to Hell.”

A bullet to the head ended Arianna’s murderous killing spree, but the afterlife isn’t what she envisioned. Lucifer claims her dark soul and grants her luxuries she never had in life: acceptance, unbridled lust, and encouragement to act on her brutal instincts.

However, her undeniable draw to Jeremiel, the archangel of Hope, can’t be fought and a glimmer of pure light hidden deep within her begins to shine and she craves the honest and devoted love that beckons.

An angel of Heaven covets her purity, and the King of Hell owns her sinister soul. Neither is willing to surrender their claim.

Can Arianna embrace the eternal bond offered by her angel and shed her evil past, or will she live forever in Hell ruled by her darkest deeds?

This is a standalone novel with a ‘happily ever after’. This book includes characters from Death’s Widow, the first of the Tales of the Timeless books and contains slight spoilers for that novel, but will in no way ruin your experience for either book.

Adult content– 18+ due to graphic violence and sexual situations.

I can not express to you enough how much I loved, loved, loved this book and these characters!

I was glued to my screen from the first sentence and that’s no exaggeration.

I’m often cautious when reading paranormal/fantasy because, to be honest I feel like it’s been done to death.

But this was an amazing and refreshing journey into both the dark and the light.

There are really not too many authors that can combine humour and darkness not to mention hot AF sex scenes in one book and have it turn out this good.


Arianna is the lass you wish you had in your life.

She is funny and lighthearted but also a serial killing nutter.

No joke! And I loved both sides of her. 

She somehow makes you think that her ‘art’ is sooo pretty…even when it’s carving bits and ‘bobs’ off of the scum of the earth arseholes that she chooses to be her victims.

I began to sing the lyrics as I stroked his dick. “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel! The monkey stopped to pull on his cock—POP! Goes the weasel!”I serenaded him with the playful lullaby from my youth, changing a few words to fit my current scenario and with a flourish; I swept the blade toward the base of the worthless penis and felt the knife slide clean through. I leaned down to stare into the eyes of my victim. One of them was laying on his cheek, only attached by what I assumed to be the optic nerve. I pushed the penis into the ravaged hole making certain it was securely seated.

Not sure what it says about me that this was one of my favourite scenes…also, I don’t care 🙂

Arianna has a real thirst for vengeance after the awful things that happened in her past and I gotta say, I’d be right there with her.

Only thing is, before she can complete her masterpiece of ‘body piece art’ she gets shot in the head.

Waking up, she meets Death, Jeramiel and a little later, Lucifer.

But what happened after that was so different from what I expected. I loved it!

The world building, characters and the obvious thought that went in to this story made it an amazing read.

Lucifer is not what you’d think.

Jeremiel isn’t either.

And now…I’m wishing I was living in Hell, and damn if I don’t want my very own Hellhound!!

She is so deeply captivated by these two men…what should she do?


Fuck! Just…fuck!

“Harder, darkling. I’m not going to break,” Lucifer teased, his voice deep. “If you’re going to claim ownership of the Devil, at least try to bring him to his knees.” It was at that moment I became alive as Hell’s royalty. I could explore every aspect of my dark nature; I wouldn’t be feared, judged, or cast aside. I let my teeth sink deeper, until I felt the coppery tang of blood against my tongue. My instincts flared to life, an inferno of raging desires that could only be tolerated by one other being. My razor-sharp claws dug into his flesh on either side of his spine and ripped outward, rolling skin under my nails. Lucifer threw his head back and the roar that left his lips spurred me on. This wasn’t love, or affection. This was primal lust and depraved wanting. We craved it, needed it even, in order to fully feel alive. I moved lower, tasting the sweet sweat saturated in carnal sin that oozed from his flesh. Thrusting his hips, his erection bumped against my lips and I licked the drop of precum that leaked from the tip. I felt his fingers tangle in my hair and he jerked my head back, forcing my eyes to meet his. “Don’t look away, darkling. Open up,” he demanded and I quickly complied. He thrust forward and the head of his cock pushed past my teeth. I felt metal rub against the corners of my mouth and realized the piercings weren’t confined to his nipples. I counted the ladder of frenum piercings and stopped at five when his solid length bumped the back of my throat. I grabbed his ass, pulling him closer and felt him push past my gag reflex until my nose was pressed against his pelvis. Never losing eye contact, Luc withdrew then thrust forward, burying the full length of his erection down my throat. Using my hair, he began a steady rhythm. I pressed my tongue against the bottom of his shaft, the newly nubile appendage rolling up the sides to encase him further. “Fuck, yes. If your pussy is half as pleasing to me as your mouth, you won’t be getting any sleep tonight,” he praised through gritted teeth. The thought of him filling me, combined with the look of raw lust in his eyes, brought a wave of heat to my core and moisture dampened my inner thighs. He continued to use my mouth, his thrusts becoming harder when my claws sank into his ass and the moan in my throat vibrated into his hard cock. A sudden jerk to my hair pulled me away from him and I fell back onto my elbows, noticing the glow in his amber eyes had transformed into flames. I loved that look; it meant he was barely controlled, running on instinct while pursuing his prey. Seeing that fire focused on me caused my legs to spread and I slid my index finger though the wetness he had caused. Bringing my finger to my mouth, I slowly rubbed the moisture against my lips before letting my tongue snake out and clean the fluid from the tip. Lucifer growled, grabbing my hips, his fingers digging cruelly into my flesh as he jerked me to the edge of the bed. In one fluid motion he pulled my ankles up over his shoulder as his hips pistoned forward, burying himself to the hilt inside my drenched channel. I screamed as pain and burning pleasure seared me from the inside out. I needed a moment to adjust to his size, but he granted me no pardon, pulling out only long enough to fill me again. The round balls from his piercings rubbed against my inner walls, creating friction and a sensation all new to me. Leaning forward, my calves still braced resting on his shoulders, he pushed his thumb into my mouth as he continued to fill me with hard, powerful strokes. “Every part of you belongs to me, Arianna. Every hole is mine to fill, fuck, and fondle. Every wretched thought that crosses your beautiful, evil mind is also mine. Is that clear?”

Final thoughts on DARKEST DEEDS by Lori Aisling

I seriously loved this book (you may have gotten that impression already..?). This was the first book I’d read by Lori Aisling but it most certainly won’t be the last!

5 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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