IS THIS SERIES COMPLETE? This one is a Stand Alone

GENRE: (You Can Click On Each Genre To Find More In That Category)  Erotic, Dark, Potential Triggers, Abuse, Psychopath, F/F, Serial Killer


SERIES: Stand Alone

PAGES:  162







All of my life I’ve been scared. I’ve tried to live by their rules. Always denying who I am to make them happy. Everything I did was wrong, but I tried. It is time for me. Time to be who I really am.


Follow Dani on her journey through psychosis. She’s been abused her entire life and now she’s taking it out on society, but when she meets Lyric everything begins to change. Can finding real love curb Dani’s desire to kill?


This was one of those books that had a great storyline but I couldn’t quite get on board with the writing style (it’s first-person POV).

In fact, if the story hadn’t been so intriguing and the characters so interesting I might have DNFd the book.

However, I have a soft (and dark) spot for psychopathic serial killers so I wanted to see this through, lol.


Poor wee lass! Och, my god!

She could have grown up to be a beautiful wee soul, bless her cotton socks, but her parents royally fucked that up.

We’re talking sickening forms of punishment and abuse and heartbreaking repercussions because of it.

Dani’s mum was unhinged and super religious so when she started to suspect that her daughter might be into girls instead of boys, she went aff her nut, man!

Her parents beat her badly (amongst other things) for the most innocent of actions and what they did to her caused her to find her own coping mechanisms to deal with the abuse.

Coping mechanisms that she is unable to turn off, even now after her parents are dead and she’s an adult.

She doesn’t sleep unless, quite literally, covered in someone else’s blood.

She feels compelled to kill and torture in order to feel in control of her life and quieten the screams in her head for violence and blood.

Now because she’s an extremely intelligent and gifted woman she is able to design and create these magnificent torture devices (does it sound like I’m fangirling over sick torture devices..? Yeah, I think it does) to get what he needs from her unsuspecting victims.

You’re going to need a strong stomach for this one, lol.

Before I begin cutting again, she passes out once more. This time I keep working, ignoring my desire for her to be awake and able to witness the glorious results. I have the flesh of her face peeled from her skull and continue to work on her body. I place the blade against her skin again, starting at her axilla. I run the blade toward her hip area, repeating the same on the other side. Steady. Tracing her form. If I don’t halve her properly, it’ll be more difficult to peel back her skin. I work the lateral part of her thigh. Further down, to her feet, and around the other part of her leg. I make quick work of flaying her skin off of the muscle and bone. I’m gentle while laying it at the foot of the table. Her heart has already stopped beating. The process is too much for her to handle.

She makes torture an art form and I gotta say I’m impressed!


Lyric and Dani meet at a nightclub while Dani’s out hunting for a new victim and there is an immediate spark between them.

Unlike most of the other people that she meets Dani’s first instinct isn’t to lure her home and kill her, which is unusual so she decides to go with it and see where it takes her.

As the two become closer the risk of Dani being caught out increases.

Not only that but as she occasionally has blackouts where she has no recollection of what she’s done, and she’s scared that she’ll end up hurting Lyric.

And just for shits and giggles let’s throw in Lyric’s crazy roommate/friend who takes an instant dislike to Dani and decides to try to intimidate her into disappearing.

But this bitch ain’t ready for the crazy she’s about to stumble across, lol.

When it comes to barely contained fury this girl has nothing on our Dani!

I’m not going to say what happens between Lyric and Dani because anything I do say is going to spoil it for you so I’m just going to tell you that shit gets interesting, okay?


The sex was steamy between the two but not super hot. You know me, I like screaming orgasms and primal fucking.

I mean, who doesn’t like screaming orgasms, am I right?

It was still pretty good though, lol.

I begin to pull her shorts off of her and I kiss her hip. A small bite. Her hands grab the edge of the dresser, trying to keep her balance. I find her scent completely intoxicating. I run my tongue lightly from her belly button to the start of her labia, and I stop just before. I glance up staring into those gray eyes. I notice the longing. The fire that’s burning in them. She’s being consumed with desire. I give her a little smirk and part her legs. I lick from the back of her labia up. Lyric’s eyes stay attached to mine the whole time, and a moan escapes her mouth. I repeat, and her grip on the dresser’s edge tightens. Her hips begin to move. My tongue finds its way between her lips and begins to lap at her clit. Lyric closes her eyes and leans her head back. Her breathing changes, and her clit pulsates upon my tongue. I speed up the pace a little, and she grabs the back of my head—pulling my hair—yanking my head away from her. “Stop, please stop,” she pants. Her body shivers. “I’m not ready yet.” She takes my hands, and I stand, leaning in to kiss her. She bites her bottom lip and begins to lift my shirt up and over my head. “Turn out the light,” I ask. She seems a little confused but does so. Things start blurring together. Before I know it, she has me on the bed, our naked flesh pressed together. Her lips hot upon my skin. Her hips grind against me, and I jump a little. “Mmm do you like that?” Lyric asks. I don’t respond. Instead, I slide my hands from her shoulders down her back, and cup them on the perfect round cheeks of her butt. Her hand slides down, and her fingers part my lips, she leans into me. It feels like her clit’s against mine. She moves her hips, slow and steady, and I lose my breath. A small gasp escapes from me. Her mouth’s close to my ear and her breathing changes. Her hands grab ahold of the sheets, twisting. The grinding of her hips sends shivers throughout my body. I find her rhythm and move my hips along with hers. I realize I’m holding my breath, so I remind myself to exhale—a sound of pleasure escapes my mouth. My leg twitches as her hand grips the sheets tighter. She speeds her rhythm. My hands glide up her back, and I grab her shoulders, pulling her even closer. Her breasts pressed against my own. “I’m gonna cum,” escapes my mouth. I bite her neck, trying to hold back a scream. Her whole body trembles. She grabs hold of my hips and pins me to the bed so that I can’t move. Her own movements become erratic. She’s there with me. The feeling becomes so intense that I begin to get dizzy. I’ve never felt this before. I’ve never known this kind of fierce pleasure in my life. It becomes a little overwhelming, and I’m not sure if I’m able to handle it. I try to squirm away, as her pace slows. She pulls away a little and kisses me again.

Final Thoughts on DANI by Angelique Jordonna

I really enjoyed the look inside a serial killers mind. Male or female, that always intrigues me. As I said before the writing wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but as the story was so good and the characters were interesting and believable this gets a solid 4 stars from me.

4 Stars

Thank you for reading!

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