CONFESSION by Selena Kitt

CONFESSION by Selena Kitt Book Cover

AUTHOR: Selna Kitt – Author’s Website HERE

TITLE: Confession

SERIES: Under Mr Nolan’s Bed, Book 2 (Book 1 Review HERE, Book 3 Review HERE)

PAGES: 226

GENRES: Erotic, Dark

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ISBN/ASBN:  ISBN13-9781609827106 / ASIN: B00C105KRU




The shocking discovery best friends Leah and Erica have made under Mr. Nolan’s bed has them down the wicked path of temptation, both girls veering far from the narrow path dictated by their strict Catholic upbringing, and their sexual transgressions have had unintended consequences. 

Erica finds her life turned upside down when Leah falls for Erica’s father, but just as Erica is beginning to accept their love for each other, Leah disappears. Bewildered and abandoned, Erica and Mr. Nolan are faced with sadness and confusion at their loss, but while Mr. Nolan spirals into mourning, Erica is determined to find her friend.

Erica can’t possibly know why Leah has vanished, but when she enlists the help of Father Michael, her search and the real reason for Leah’s disappearance intersect to uncover a multitude of shocking confessions and a secret that will shake not only the foundation of their faith, but the entire institution of the Catholic Church itself.


CONFESSION by Selena Kitt

In the name of the wee man!  I am feeling so many things right now I can barely even write.  Most of all though I am furious.

I know it went on, I know so many young women were treated this badly.  Growing up in Scotland in the ’70’s and 80’s, I was always threatened by the priests and nuns but, reading this…it’s left me feeling sick and furious.

My hat is off to Selena Kitt. You have done an amazing job in this book in capturing the atrocities committed against these women by the catholic church and anyone else involved.

I am so glad that, in this country at least, it is no longer this way. My heart broke for these judged women and their heartache and needless shame.

  • LEAH– Oh, my poor wee doll. You have gone through so much and yet there is more to come. 

So, her nasty mother has told her that her baby is going to be a monstrosity and an abomination and that if she weren’t Catholic that she would have had her abort it.

Poor Leah is pregnant with the love of her life’s baby. Which is normally a good thing but…her mother decided to drop the bomb that Mr Nolan is actually her father. So yeah…

She is sent to this awful place where “women who have gotten themselves in trouble”, go to have their babies and then give them up to the nuns there so that they can be given up for adoption.

Of course, the church gets a nice amount of money for that.  ARG! I am so angry.

Some of the young women in there want to keep their babies but are shamed into giving them up against their will.

The way the nuns and doctors treat her leaves me just horrified.

“It’s going to hurt a hell of a lot more before you’re done.  Guess you should have thought about that before you spread your legs in the first place.” – Doctor

“You’re sick.  You’re all sick in the head.  You got pregnant because you wanted attention.  That’s disturbed, abnormal behavior. And any girl who would do so is unfit to raise a child.” – The Counsellor

  • ROB – Rob is horrified when he hears that he is actually Leah’s father but he is still very much in love with her.

When she disappears he goes searching across the country looking for her. I feel so bad for him in this book.  What a horrible situation to be in.

ERICA– We learn a lot more about Erica in book two, and it gets freakin’ intense.  

She’s fallen onto something that she wishes she really hadn’t but, of course, she can not stop herself from digging deeper.

She finds out some terrible truths and more about her parents and the role models in her life and is shocked to the core.  So was I! Like, holy shit! Did this kind of stuff really happen? It would not surprise me if it did, to be honest.

Anyway, Erica is all fucked up, and you’re gonna feel just awful for her.

There is one silver lining however…shit gets steamy with someone she cares for deeply, that’s all I’m gonna say ‘bout that, lol.

  • SEX SCENES – Ok, I know I’m all about the erotica and in the first book I was all wet and stuff but, this book didn’t have much in the way of sex at all.  A couple of steamy scenes but that was it. And I don’t even care.

I was so caught up in this poor girls life that I needed to read the whole thing through and I’ve already started book three, lol.

  • I would love to say I enjoyed this book but, I can’t really use that word. It touched my heart and got my blood boiling. It affected me so much I just can’t even.

You might have noticed that I seem to have taken this rather personally, lol. I have some of my own terrible experiences with the church and It would seem that I am not over that yet!

This book has affected me for quite a few days, lol, so if that’s what you like, then this is a must.

This most certainly does not have a HEA.

4.5 stars

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